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Digital collaboration

Dutch floriculture is one of the leading sectors in the Dutch economy. The sector has expressed the goal of being number one in the field of information management in the horticultural supply chains in Europe by 2015 and in the world by 2020. This will require a goal-oriented, competent organisation like Floricode: a central point of support to which the supply chain can turn for the registrations, standards and codes it needs for its information management.

The latest Floricode news (NL)

Opschoning Productcoderingen 2e kwartaal 2017 (29-6-2017) Per 1-7-2017 wijzigen diverse producten van productgroep. Er zijn namen van productencodes aangepast en productcodes verwijderd. In meerdere bestanden zullen daarom gegevens wijzigen of niet meer aangeleverd worden.

Opschoning en vereenvoudiging productcodes Cyclamen per 1 juni 2017 (15-5-2017) Op verzoek van de Cyclaam productcommissie en inkopers van Cyclamen wordt het aantal productcodes verminderd en worden productnamen geüniformeerd. De nieuwe indeling van productcodes wordt op 1 juni 2017 in gebruik genomen.



For plant breeders and growers, having an independent and reliable registration system for their new products is of major importance. In the Netherlands, a new floriculture product should be registered with Floricode before its introduction to the market. As part of the registration, the products are also photographed.



Floricode manages the codes needed for online trade in the floriculture sector; these include product codes and regulatory characteristics (VBN), GPC codes (GS1), company and location codes (GLN), and codes for logistical resources and process variables.



Floricode is developing and managing open messaging standards for the electronic exchange of commercial, logistical and financial information for use by the international floriculture sector.



Plant breeders, growers, auctions, buyers and everyone else in the floriculture sector who makes use of digital information would like to be able to use the data generated by REGISTRATION, CODING and STANDARDIZATION in their operations and in their own computer systems.